June 24, 2019

How to Unlock RAR File without Password

When you don’t know the password to unlock an encrypted RAR archive, there is evidently no possible way to access whatever file or document saved inside the archive. This situation leaves one frustrated a-times, especially when the archive contains important files that need to be used immediately. Well, there are ways to unlock RAR files without password. This can be […]
June 21, 2019

How to Reset Windows 7 Password with/without Disk If Forgot

Just forgot Windows 7 password and now finding a way to do your Windows 7 password reset. Don’t worry! here, we will show you how you can reset your Windows 7 admin password with/without disk just by following some simple steps. All the methods and steps we will discuss here are tested properly and then elaborated here because we want our readers to […]
January 26, 2019

How to Unencrypt iTunes Backup Password for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

“I frequently backup my iPhone with iTunes. I mainly prefer the iTunes backup because of its encryption. But I am unable to open the most recent backup I made, due to the fact that I forgot the password I set for that specific backup file. So, how to unencrypt iPhone backup? Please help!” Forgot iTunes backup password? You are just […]
January 25, 2019

Forgot iTunes Encrypted Backup Password? 3 Ways to Recover

“I backed up my iPhone to install the new iOS, I password protected the backup file just for a little extra security. But after the iOS update, I am unable to restore the backup as I have completely forgotten the password. Is there anything I can do to recover my files? Please help!” This is the most unfortunate situation any […]
October 8, 2018

Windows Password Key Review

How can I access a Windows PC if I have forgotten the administrator password? Can I recover the lost Windows password? Can the Windows password be deleted and left blank? Of course, all you need is a Windows Password Recovery. We have reviewed the top 3 best Windows password recovery tool before, in this article, We will introduce Windows Password […]
March 16, 2018

How to Open Password Protected RAR/Win RAR File

It will be a headache for you when forgot the password of encrypted RAR file, there is no right for you to view or open the password protected WinRAR files. Today we will share you how to open password protected RAR files in effective ways. Option 1: Open Password Protected files by using notepad The first way to remove password […]
March 12, 2018

Forgot Laptop Password, How to Reset?

Have you ever faced the trouble about laptop password forgot, no right to login? If you have created a password reset disk, it will be much easier for you to login again. If not, take it easy, here we will share you 3 methods connected to forgot laptop password reset, no matter which brands laptop and Windows system you are […]
January 30, 2018

How to Reset Lost Asus Password

As a laptop user, maybe we are used to set a login password to keep our Asus laptop away from the stranger or others who have no permission to enter it. But there is a common question to a part of laptop users like “I forgot my Asus laptop password and I don’t know how to reset it, what to […]
January 29, 2018

Forgot iTunes Backup Password, How to Unlock iPhone Backup Files

“One day when you are trying to encrypt your iPhone backup file, but there is a window pop up to ask a backup password that you completely forgot to unlock the file, what will you do?” There are so many iPhone users have met the same trouble. If you have no memory of the old password, there is no way […]