How to Recover Lost MS Word Password

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If you were locked out of Word document and have no right to get access since forgot or lost the password, take it easy. Now there are so many ways for us to recover lost MS word password efficiently.

Below you can learn top 2 methods about how to recover forgotten MS word 2003/2007/2010/2013/2016 password, no matter how complex the password was, you have the memory of this password or not, you can get it back in several minutes.

Method 1: Try all password that you remember

In the case that you set the word 2013 file password by yourself, you can try to all the common used password that you remember. Like computer login password, admin password, social account password, credit card password, or someone’s birthday, favorite book, movie’s name, pet’s name and so on. To a part of users, they are used to set several same passwords in all accounts to prevent that they will forget the complex password.

Maybe you can check your books or notebook to check whether you have written down the password on it. If you have tried this entire password are incorrect, you have to get answers to method 2.

Method 2: Use a Word password recovery program

Daossoft Word Password Rescuer is one of the best word password recovery which designed for MS word users to recover Lost Word password in the quick and efficient way. This word password program is very easy to master and user-friendly. Below you can acquire how to use it step by step.

Step 1: Download and install Daossfot Word Password Rescuer on your computer. Open the tool and press “Open” button and select the password lost word file that you want to recover.

Open Forgotten Word Document

Step 2: To Choose an attack type. There are four attack types (Brute-force Attack, Mask Attack, Dictionary Attack and Smart Attack.) for you to choose.

Step 3: Attack settings
Option 1: If you choose Brute-force Attack or Mask Attack, the program will try all possible combinations in the specified Range.
Option 2: To choose Mask Attack, you may have to offer some password symbols which you can remember, like 123…, Al…, etc.
Note: A Password Mask must be defined to use Mask Attack.
Option 3: If you choose Dictionary Attack, click “Dictionary” on the tabbar.” Simply select the desired dictionary file. On the side, you can select an option “Smart mutations”, “Try all possible upper/lower case combinations” or “Convert to OEM encoding”.

Dictionary Required

Step 4: With all setting are set down, go to click “Start” button to start the attack, after several seconds, you will get your lost/forgot word 2003/2007/2010/2013/2016 password.

Start word password recovery

Step 5: When you successfully recover the password with Daossoft Word Password Rescuer, the dialog box with passwords is displayed.

After reading the whole post, have you acquired how to recover forgot word 2016 password? If not, you can compare these two methods and choose which one is much easier for you to master.

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