Forgot Laptop Password, How to Reset?

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Have you ever faced the trouble about laptop password forgot, no right to login? If you have created a password reset disk, it will be much easier for you to login again. If not, take it easy, here we will share you 3 methods connected to forgot laptop password reset, no matter which brands laptop and Windows system you are using.

Method 1: Reset laptop password from safe mode

This method may be your first choice if you have no reset disk and another administrator account.

Step 1: To start your computer. While the computer boots up, press “F8”. Then you’ll see the advanced boot options screen.

Step 2: To find “safe mode” and press “enter.” Then your computer starts in safe mode.

Step 3: After that, click on the “administrator” account on the Windows logon screen.

Step 4: After entering the system, click on “start” and “control panel” to change your other account password.

Method 2: Recover forgot Windows 10 laptop password with reset disk

Maybe a part of laptop users is used to create a password reset disk to avoid the condition that lost password suddenly. Step by step guide is below.

Step 1: To boot your laptop to log on screen at first.

Step 2: Insert your reset disk. After you put in a password, it will remind you that the username or password is incorrect, and then you should click “Ok” to proceed.

Step 3: To click reset the password and then follow the steps to reset a new password for your Windows 10 laptop.

Method 3: Reset forgot laptop password with Windows Password Recovery Tool

To use a third party software to reset forgot laptop password may be the first choice for most laptop users that not familiar with computer safe mode and how to create the password reset disk.

Windows Password Recovery Tool is designed for all Windows users to reset/recover and remove password for the laptop. All users can handle it with its user-friendly interface. Follow the detail guide to master how to reset Windows 10 laptop password with ease.

Step 1: Download and install Windows Password Recovery Tool on any accessible laptop.

Step 2: To use a blank CD/DVD or USB to burn this tool on it, insert the newly created disk to the laptop that you forgot the password.

Step 3:Now you have to change the BIOS setting and boot the laptop from this disk.

Step 4: To choose the account that you want to reset its password, in the password reset process, you can click stop. After several seconds, you will be able to login locked laptop without password required.

Note: This powerful Windows Password Recovery Tool is supported Windows 10/8.1/8.7/Vista/XP laptop and desktop with no limitation.

It is better to create a password reset disk or one more administrator account on your laptop. When you forgot or lost laptop password, there will be many effective ways for us to reset the password.

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