Forgot iTunes Backup Password, How to Unlock iPhone Backup Files

iTunes Backup Password Tips

“One day when you are trying to encrypt your iPhone backup file, but there is a window pop up to ask a backup password that you completely forgot to unlock the file, what will you do?” There are so many iPhone users have met the same trouble. If you have no memory of the old password, there is no way for you to encrypt the file or create a new iPhone backup password.

Now we can start to acquire how to unlock iPhone locked backup files when forgot or lost the password below. There are top 2 options for the most iPhone users.

Option 1: Use an iTunes backup password recovery tool – Tenorhsare iPhone Backup Unlocker

If you are not familiar about how to recover iPhone backup file password with command prompt, or not a technical audience about technology software, when you face this trouble, to use a third party password recovery tool to unlock iPhone backup password will be your first choice.

Until now, Tenorshare iPhone Backup Unlock must be the best iPhone backup password recovery tool on the Internet. The advantage of this tool is user-friendly interface design and powerful functions. Even you have ever used such tool before, you can recover lost iPhone backup password in several seconds without data loss.

Step 1: Download; install and running iPhone Backup Unlocker on any accessible PC. (You can try use to use its free-trail version at first)

Step 2: To click “Add” button to add the backup file that you forgot password from the drop-down box.

Add iPhone Backup File

Step 3: To choose the attack type and set the attack settings. There are three attack types for you. Respectively are Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack and Dictionary Attack.

Step 4: When all these are settled, click “Start” button, iPhone backup unlocker will start to find the password.
Note: In this process, you are allowed to click “stop” button when you are busy to deal with something.

Step 5: In several minutes later, you have unlocked forgot iPhone backup password successfully.

Recover iPhone Backup Password

Option 2: Clear your mind to remember the password

As we know, people tend to be stressed out while losing access to any account. We all have bad memories. Sometimes the most effective way is not to think about it at all, maybe after several minutes, your forgotten password would come up to your mind all of a sudden.

Maybe you will find some people have a better memory in the morning while everything is quiet. Some of my friends say they tend to have a clearer mind after doing a 10-minute meditation. Anyway, you can try this way to fresh your mind in this quiet environment to remember you forgot iPhone backup password.

Or you can try to ask your family or friend for this password. It is possible that you’re not the one who encrypted the backups. Maybe one of your family or your best friend set it while someone was using your computer. If so, just make a phone call and reach out.

Note: This method is not useful for everyone. Just have a try.

In the end, you can compare which option is much effective for you to unlock iPhone backup password in short time with no data lost. Do not hesitate to try iPhone backup Unlocker trail version to learn its detail functions.

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