Top 3 Best Excel Password Recovery

Here we list the top 3 excel password remover online to help you recover Ms excel password with ease. Just free download and give them a try! (If you lose word, powerpoint and other office password at the same time, refer to Office Password Recovery.)

Tenorshare Excel Password Recovery

Top 1. Tenorshare Excel Password Recovery

Tenorshare Excel Password Recovery is one of the best Excel password remover to crack password protected .xlsx file with online password remove service or brute force attacks. It can crack a password instantaneously, regardless of its length and complexity. You can regain access to excel documents protected by a lost or forgotten password. The new Excel 2016 is also supported.

Our Review: The program immediately crack all the passwords of the document, and the operation is done in two steps: open the document then crack it.

  • + Speed Excel password crack for pro version.
  • + Online password remover service supplied.
  • + Support Excel 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 and other lower versions.
  • + Support the latest operating system Windows 10.
Daossoft Excel Password Eraser

Top 2. Daossoft Excel Password Eraser

Daossoft Excel Password Eraser supports the removal or recovery of passwords to open, edit, access excel files. Supports almost all versions of Microsoft Excel from version 97 to 2010.

Our Review: The cracking process is completed in less than 10 seconds regardless of the complexity of the password.

  • + High recovery speed; Remove the password within a few clicks.
  • + Support online password recovery service.
  • + The content of the document and your personal data is never sent to a third party and remain confidential.
  • + Support for multilingual passwords such as containing both Latin characters and hieroglyphs.
Asunsoft Excel Password Clearer

Top 3. Asunsoft Excel Password Clearer

Asunsoft Excel Password Clearer was designed to remove lost password for Microsoft Excel. It can remove lost excel password within a few seconds nomatter how long and complex of the password is. It supports almost all versions of Microsoft Excel from version 97 to 2010 and online decryption service.

Our Review: The software has a simple interface. After selecting a password-protected document, the program will allow you to break the password for excel documents.

  • + Instant recovery of Microsoft Excel document password regardless of its length and complexity.
  • + The original document is never modified. The program always uses a copy of the document and never modifies the original.
  • + Friendly interface and easy-to-use, a kid can use it without training.