How to Bypass Zip Password

ZIP Password Tips

As far as we know, a Zip file is the most popular file extension for us to keep many files and folders in one location. It can help us reduce the size of files when you do not have enough space to keep such big files. The most popular free Zip program for us to open Zip file is WinZip and 7-Zip. Now the trouble to us is how to bypass locked Zip files after you set a complex password for it but forgot or lost it.

Today we will show you how to bypass forgot Zip password in this tutorial. You can learn how to crack password protected Zip file in common and efficient way or use third-party software to unlock the password. After that, you can extract the file and folders and use it in the normal way.

Method 1: Guess lost Zip Password

This is the easiest way at any time no matter what password we forgot, the first action to all of us is to guess the password that we may set for it.

Like credit card password, someone’s birthday, pet’s name, favorite movie or book name, or some special day for you. You can try all of these passwords. If none of them is correct, continue to method 2.

Method 2: Use KRyLack Zip Password Recovery

KRyLack ZIP password recovery is a friendly password recovery tool for all users. If you have met the issue that forgot or lost Zip password, and have no idea about how to bypass WinZip password in the efficient and effective way. You can follow the guide below to recover the password quickly.

Step 1: Download and install Zip password recovery on your computer. Launch it at once.

iSunshare RAR Password Genius

Step 2: Click “file” button to add the Zip file that you need to bypass its password.

Add Zip File to Zip Password Recovery

Step 3: Choose recovery attack type, there are three types for you. Like Brute-Force attack, Mask, Dictionary-based attack.

Note: Dictionary-based attack is used in the case there is no any remember about the password that you have set.

Step 4: Set the recovery setting, click “Start” button to recover your lost Zip password. In several seconds, you can access locked Zip files without the password with WinZip.

Method 3: Use online Zip file converter to bypass forgot Zip password

To search on the Internet, you can catch so many sites can help you convert locked Zip files. Below we will show you how to convert locked Zip file step by step.

Step 1: To search convert Zip file online, you can see the site link below.

Step 2: You can choose to “Browse” to upload the file that you want to convert. After several minutes, you can enter the password forgot Zip files without any password.

Convert Zip File Online

Note: In the case that you have kept sensitive or private data in your Zip files, we are not recommending this method to you. Since all Zip file that upload to convert online, it will generate a copy file in its database. It is not safe for you to protect privacy and sensitive data.

Do not hesitate to try every method above to get which one is much easier for you to acquire about how to bypass protected Zip file password.

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